Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Shirt Company!

My Sweet Teez Shirt Co.

In September 2008 I launched my new small business venture. Designing and manufacturing Advocacy Apparel. Silk screening has become my second job! Who knew it would be so much work to get a small business started but I can hopefully say that the hardest part is behind us and that it will be smooth sailing from here on in.

Why T-shirts? It is all about the ability to have the freedom to say, advocate, support and raise awareness for anything one is interested in. My personal passion is Down syndrome and I LOVE that I now have the ability to create and design my own shirts! Currently I have pre-made designs available for purchase but soon I will be open to custom designs. What better way to support your cause of choice!

Thanks to all the people that have supported me along the way in getting this business started and I hope in 3 - 5 years I will be able to turn a profit! LOL! For now, it is all about learning and building the baby steps :)

Please visit my website at and have a look at my current designs. I have more to come soon as well!

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