Saturday, November 08, 2008

A haircut well over due

I haven't had a cut and color since July 2008. I can hardly believe it. I guess I know where my priorities have been lately.

Today I finally made the call for an appointment. Here is the troubling part. My hairdresser, "Fadi", who has looked after my hair for the last decade has decided to move back to his home country. This is part of the reason for my delay in getting my hair taken care of. I have never let anyone else touch my hair in 10 years, and though I am sure there are many capable hairdressers out there, I compare it to switching doctors. Not only does he know my hair and my preferences for cut and color, but he knows ME! He knows my life, I know his. We can have a conversation that doesn't require background information. How could he do this to me!!

Having been a hairdresser myself for a brief time in my life, I know how difficult this job is, and I give Kudo's to all those hairdressers out there that put up with clients like myself. Now as I go to begin a new relationship with the new hairdresser that he referred me to, I find myself becoming very stressed and nervous. It's like getting a physical exam from your new doctor....just on the head :)

Stay tuned for the results of my could be interesting considering my roots are grown out about 4 inches. Ugh.

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